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I know I’ve been super inactive lately on here

but that’s because I’ve been super busy. I quit my job so for the rest of the summer I’m just enjoying it, things are amazing. I have been taking photos but I won’t have time to get any up for a few weeks as I’m leaving to go away again on monday for almost 3 weeks. So expect a lot of photos at the end of August! 

Thanks for the patience :)

The Violence against Peaceful Pipeline Protesters by the VPD

On May 1st in Vancouver there was a PEACEFUL march against the proposed pipelines here in BC including Enbridges Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan’s Transmountain which would run right here through our harbor. There is a video that shows an inncocent highschool kid who was doing nothing more than taking photos of the march when he was assaulted with excessive force and arrested by the VPD…. What I see here disgusts me. Not only did they treat the kid this way, they treated some of the protesters in similar ways too. This country is silencing the people who are speaking up for what they believe in, and doing everything they can to get these pipelines built even though the majority of people oppose them. It makes me sick what is happening here in my own city. This country isn’t acting like Canada anymore, and hasn’t for a long time… We need a change and we need to stand up for ourselves. I hope this Canada day isn’t a day full of celebrations as usual, but a day where we show how we feel about whats going to happen if we don’t stop the Harper government. 

Peaceful march in Vancouver against the proposed pipelines here in Canada-this is how our police who are supposed to protect us treat the most innocent- a high school kid with nothing more than his camera..

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